To serve the weaker sections of the society including the women, the poor, and the underprivileged through, inter alia, the strategies of Self-Help, Entrepreneurship Development, Functional Literacy, Health Care Delivery, Support Services for the Physically/Mentally challenged and ensuring Environmental Quality: the common focus would be harnessing the local initiatives and eventually making them self-sustained;

To undertake Action Research Projects (ARPs) on the above thrust areas and evolve newer strategies for effective extension activities.

To uplift the weaker-sections of the society in rural and urban areas, through comprehensive Community Development Programmes.

To organize effective action-oriented Women Groups in order to initiate and promote thrift and savings and Micro Credit Societies.

To enhance the literacy status of the Women through the functional literacy Programmes and also to undertake Programmes to improve the school education.

To enhance income levels of Women and unemployed youths through income generation programme.

To encourage the youth groups to take initiatives on their own for the development of their community.

To create environmental awareness to protect, preserve and promote Eco-environment Balance for harmonious living with nature.

To develop and implement the community based health care Programmes for Women, supported by a referral service and to provide medical relief to the poor, distressed, mentally and physically challenged in the project area.

To undertake basic Research Programmes on problems related to the development of the down-trodden of the society