Women Support Centre - Tiruchirapalli and Salem

PDI has been working for the empowerment of women in the Districts of Tiruchirapalli and Salem, with the support of IMPLICADAS. It gives greater emphasis on Gender Issues in its entire development programme and serves the women in distress through various strategies. PDI has been carrying out the counseling services to the women through counseling and referral services. However, their services are restricted to the target area only. Beside, PDI has proposed to establish a Women Support Centre to assist any women accessing PDI even from Non-Target Boundaries. During June 2009 the Women Support Centre was formed in order to assist the women under crisis. The Women Support Centre Consists of an advocate, a feminist journalist, and the project leader of Female Infanticide Prevention Programme.

During January 2010, IMPLICADAS has awarded PDI a cash award of 2750 euro to appreciate the services of PDI with the marginalized communities. IMPLICADAS and PDI have jointly decided to use this amount to establish and operate a Women Support Center in Tiruchirapalli also. IMPLICADAS has transferred the amount to PDI on 9th Feb. 2010 and PDI started the Women Support Center from 8th March 2010. After a period of one year, assessing the performance of the Women Support Centre, and understanding the need for such a centre, IMPLICADAS has agreed to support the programme along with its regular financial support to Women Empowerment Programme in Tiruchirapalli.

The major goal of the Women Support Centre is “To assist the women under crisis and guide, educate, and counsel and empower the women to cope up with the issues and to face the problem with the help of legal system.” The Women Support Centre regularly organizes Legal Awareness Programmes for Women in Slums/Villages and assists the women in crisis, guide, counsel, support and empowers the women to cope up with the issues, and to face the problem with the help of legal system. The advocates used to sensitize the women on Domestic Violence Act 2005, rights of women to inherit property, and on gender issues. Three legal education sessions were organised in the village itself. Both the project teams of Salem and Tiruchirapalli have established good rapport with the District Legal Aid Authorities, All Women Police Stations and with Family Counseling Centres to refer the victims to get legal remedies.